The Dark Matter Sequential

A lot of people ask us about Dark Matter, so here is your primer: imagine a high design take on Weekly World News. Have you imagined it? Fabulous, so have we, and we have printed it on newspaper. Our content is inspired by examining bizarre, (mostly) natural, (mostly) Earthly phenomena. We feed on the dubious corners of Wikipedia.

Michael Norcross provides handsome, original illustrations of each phenomenon. Adam J. Teterus offers provocative, original narratives for each piece. Some of it is fact, some of it is not, but what is most important to know is that all of it is true. Our work is primarily in service of the Beekeeper.

Our small print publication prominently features:- Lots of mystery- Lots of weird- More than several allusions to Satan.

As stated, we are published by the Beekeeper. We prefer not to discuss more on that, not that we could if we did want to.

Issue 5 is available now for purchase. You may have them in exchange for a few dollars, if you ask nicely. Issue 6 is nigh. Issues 1 through 4 will never been seen again. 

Now you know, and you can never not know. If you choose to register any of this, remember that ​Dark Matter has designs on you*​. Strange schemes no longer in our control. The matter is out of our hands and into yours.

Good luck,
- Michael Norcross & Adam J. Teterus

Ray Cat
DM, Seq. - Issue 4
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DM, Seq. - Issue 3
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DM, Seq. - Issue 2
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DM, Seq. - Issue 1
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